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A Warm Welcome to the Flying Pings Channel

The Flying Pings channel is a success on YouTube, boasting over 200,000 subscribers. Bethany, the owner of Flying Pings, is an artist who enjoys drawing just about anything. In addition to her drawing, she is currently developing an app called TestFlight .

Bethany likes to make commission drawings and will record the process as a video for her viewers to enjoy. She has a calming personality, so it's very enjoyable to sit down and chill out for a while with a Flying Pings video.

A Warm Welcome to the Flying Pings Channel :

1. Top videos

The Flying Pings channel found success in challenge videos, creating 1-minute drawing challenges that thrilled viewers. Bethany also collaborated with friends to create these challenge videos, which is a fantastic way to drive more traffic to your channel. Check out the below top-three videos from the Flying Pings channel and consider subscribing if you find something you like!

(1) Drawing Undertale in 1 Minute!, 2.3M views

(2) Drawing Five Nights At Freddy's In 1 Minute CHALLENGE!, 2M views

(3) FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Funny Tattletail Animation Roleplay

2. Social media

  • Check out the Flying Pings Callmart listing and have a one-on-one chat with one of your favorite YouTubers!
  • You can see a selection of hand-drawn artwork from Bethany on her Instagram page.
  • Every good artist needs a Deviant Art page - check out Bethany's page and you can even request a commission!
  • Bethany has also joined Amino, a network of communities for users to obsess over mutual interests together.