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Meet Harmeet & Manpreet from the Canada Couple YouTube Channel

Harmeet and his wife, Manpreet, created the Canada Couple YouTube channel to help people who are planning for Canada PR (Permanent Residency) or are already in Canada. In their pursuit of permanent residency in Canada, the couple encountered many difficulties and it was a huge learning opportunity. They eventually moved to Canada in April 2018 after getting the Canada PR.

Now, this YouTuber couple is sharing best practices that they learned from their experience to save viewers time and effort in acquiring Canada PR. The Canada Couple uploads engaging videos about life in Canada, how to move to Canada, Canadian lifestyle and how anyone can settle down quickly. Their channel has already amassed over 140,000 subscribers and viewers appreciate all the helpful information their videos provide.

Let’s learn more about the people behind this intriguing channel, and we would encourage you to reach out to the Canada Couple for a one-on-one chat on Callmart if you have any questions or concerns about Canada PR or generally life in Canada.

Meet Harmeet & Manpreet from the Canada Couple YouTube Channel :

1. Let's talk to Harmeet

Let’s jump right in - can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I moved to Canada from India with my wife in April of 2018. We were struggling to find all the information we needed on websites, YouTube, or anywhere on the Internet. We were a little anxious about moving here because we had to start our lives over from scratch. So we moved to Canada from India after living there for 30 years.

After that, we decided that we want to help all the people who are looking for information like how to settle down in Canada, what are the ways people in India can move to Canada, and once they are here in Canada, what are the struggles that they might face. We wanted to provide the solutions for those struggles (like how to find a job, how to find accommodation, etc.), so we try to make videos about all those issues. We also share about what life in Canada is like. So we try to make vlogs and share all that information with our subscribers.

Can you walk us through how you create a video, from the beginning to the end? How long does it typically take to create one video on your channel?

So, the first step is to find out the topic. We try to pick a topic that is in demand, requested by our subscribers, or a topic that we think will be helpful to our subscribers. For example, when we know that winter is approaching, we will create a video about winter with information such as how people can survive during the winter in Canada, what are the things they need to take care of, where they can get all their winter jackets, shoes, etc.

The second step is to make bullet points about what information we need to share in our video. We also decide the place where we should be recording the video - whether at home or in the mall, depending on the topic of the video.

The third step is to record the video, then edit the video. Most of our time goes into editing the videos, around 5 hours. I want my videos to be one hundred percent perfect because if we are spending all this time on our videos, I don’t want any portion of the video to be boring or of no use to the audience, so I put a lot of effort into editing the videos very effectively.

The last step is to render the video because the video is generally very huge, around 2 GB, or more than that if it is twenty minutes long. So, rendering takes around 2 hours and uploading takes around 1 hour because of our Internet speed here.

After the video is uploaded, I “socialize” it on social media such as in our Facebook group, which has around 7,000 members, and on our Instagram with around 6,000 followers.

In total, my wife and I spend around 15 hours for one video. Sometimes, making time for that 15 hours in a week is very difficult because we only have Saturdays and Sundays, which we try to enjoy because we both work full-time. We get some money from YouTube and we get to promote products for brands and companies that reach out to us to promote their brands, which is motivating for us.

At the same time, the primary motivation is when we get a lot of recognition from our subscribers/followers, saying that we are helping them a lot with our videos. Also, since we are spending a lot of time, about 15 hours, on our videos, we get something in return as well, such as money from YouTube and brand promotions.

So, we’re able to create a video once a week, but sometimes we travel and/or are not in a situation to make a video every week, so sometimes we miss out on that.

Was there a specific event that sparked your interest in starting your YouTube channel?

I’m from a technical background, so throughout my career I’ve worked in technology for more than 10 years. I always had that creative mindset for creating and editing videos. What sparked my interest to start my own YouTube channel with my wife was moving to Canada - I got the motivation to help new immigrants. Now, my channel revolves around that topic only. So, it’s basically my passion to be able to help others and to earn some money from these efforts.

How do you compare your first YouTube video on your channel to your videos now? Is there a noticeable difference?

I would say my first video was very random and we weren’t very confident because we never expected that it would reach 1 million views; we thought only 100 or 200 people would watch it. We weren’t very confident - we were not even conscious of the camera and we were talking very freely - that was not at all a professional video because we didn’t prepare well. We didn’t even prepare a script at all; anything that came into our minds, we just started speaking on that.

So, that video reached 1 million views, and although the videos we are making right now aren’t reaching that many views, they are more professional and structured. We put a lot more effort into thinking about our topic and content, and we spend a lot of time on editing our videos. That’s the main difference. Now, we are more conscious because we now have more than 140,000 subscribers so everyone will be watching our videos, and they have so much confidence in us so we have to make sure that all the information we share is accurate and genuine. We put a lot of effort into finding out all this information before recording our videos.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to start a YouTube channel?

If you are interested in making videos, try solving a problem that one particular group of people are facing, and/or entertain them. YouTube is the best platform because you can reach a wider audience. However, if you’re only coming to YouTube to earn money, there’s a very slim chance that you can succeed. In the beginning, we never thought that we could even make a dollar from YouTube; we did it out of passion.

We only started earning money after 4-5 months - the thought of doing it for money didn’t even cross our minds until then. When we realized that for the efforts that we put in, we can earn money as well, well that gave us more motivation to make videos. Initially, it was only to help people, so if it is your passion, or you have some knowledge that you want to share with a larger audience, then definitely YouTube is the best platform to reach a wider audience.

What are your current goals for your YouTube channel at this point in time? Do you want to eventually make it a full-time job?

We don’t want to go full-time, because YouTube is unpredictable - you never know when you’ll get 1 million views then suddenly the YouTube algorithm changes and no one will be watching your videos. So I don’t think that I will go full-time, but I definitely think that I will keep on doing it continuously every week, or maybe I’ll try to increase the frequency. The next goal is to reach 1 million subscribers by maybe next year.

We wish you all the best of luck and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, we really appreciate it. Any parting words?

I think the Callmart app is a great app with a very thoughtful concept. I give all my good wishes to the Callmart team and wish you all the best of luck.

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