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Have a Chat with Ethan Fineshriber on Callmart

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Ethan Fineshriber is a 8x martial arts world champion and is also a tricking enthusiast. He is a Brand Ambassador for the ATA (American Taekwondo Association), a Hyper sponsored athlete, is on Team Infinity for NASKA and NBL, Tobin's Elite Academy for The League, and is with Quest ATA.

He loves vlogging about life and his passions. He also enjoys cubing, origami, roller coasters, and magic. He is the Green Power Ranger on the Ninja Kidz TV Power Rangers series. Ethan has been featured on Nickelodeon's Lip Sync Battle Shorties, Devin Super Tramp, SuperKids in Germany, Fantastic Baby in China, and the show Wonderama. Ethan is also on the Autism Spectrum but very high functioning.

Have a Chat with Ethan Fineshriber on Callmart :

1. Top videos

Ethan's videos are always entertaining and lively. His content never fails to grab the audience's attention, and with a subscriber count of 350 thousand, it's clear Ethan knows how to keep his viewers happy. See his top-three videos below, which have amassed millions of views in total and are some of the most loved on his channel.


(2) POWER RANGERS Ninja Kidz TV l BTS Continued, 3.6M views

(3) Green Power Ranger Surprise Birthday Party, 3.6M views

2. Social media

  • Ethan has made a Callmart listing inviting you to talk with the green power ranger himself!
  • Check out Ethan over on Facebook where he posts frequent life updates.
  • Did you know Ethan has an Instagram too? See loads of goofy faces and laughted over on his page.
  • Head on over to Twitter and send Ethan a tweet just saying 'hi'!