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A Smart Way to get Freelance Jobs for Architects (with the help of an app)

Architects have one of the most interesting jobs in the world, but there's a reason why there aren't too many of them - it requires a deep understanding of infrastructure and highly specialized skills. If you're an architect looking for ways to make money but don't have the time to come up with an effective way, we'll be providing you with a solution that doesn't require you make any changes to your current schedule. As long as you have free time, you'll make money freelancing!

Callmart is a free smartphone app that makes it possible for architects to get rich freelancing through communication by phone with people rom all across the globe.

Callmart is designed for any architect that wants to make the most out of their time as a freelancer by having fun and profiting from it.

  • Freelance Jobs
  • Architects

A Smart Way to get Freelance Jobs for Architects (with the help of an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Freelance, for anyone.

First, create a Callmart listing for your freelance job to start your freelance job service. Your listing can be just about anything - for example, you can charge your clients for reaching out to you during off-work hours, or provide useful tips for aspiring architects around the world!

There are three crucial parts to your listing: title, description and photo. All three of these should represent who you are and be able to communicate the general content of your listing. Pay extra attention to these three components and you'll notice an increase in the number of Callmart users calling you for your knowledge.

Of course, you have the freedom to go back and edit the cost per minute of your listing any time you wish. When you're choosing the cost for your listing, you can go with the convenient option of choosing from one of the suggested amounts displayed on the screen, or simply create your own cost per minute as you desire.

Step 2

Value for Architects

Callmart makes it easy for architects to market their listing. The share listing feature provides your listing with a unique URL to share anywhere - this is a huge timesaver, so be sure to share your URL on your company's site, and also popular websites for freelancers.

Creating a global community on the app is one of our biggest priorities, and Callmart is currently available in 6 languages - English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Korean. Moreover, 135 different currencies can be used for transactions on the app.

When a call between you and your buyer has finished, you receive your money immediately. All the risk and hassle associated with collecting payments is taken care by us!

Step 3

The Optimal Freelance Job

A marketplace where you can start your own freelance job and grow your own skills is what Callmart provides to all architects. For situations where you'd rather your listing be off the marketplace, just edit your listing and switch it from 'public' to 'private'.

A service fee of 3% is what we charge for every call, and we use this to keep our services running and better with every single day. We use Stripe as our third party online payment processing provider, and they charge a fee separate from ours as well.

Even if you've got an extremely busy schedule, you'll be able to make money by using Callmart. As long as you're available and have an interested buyer, you can provide your services based on your own convenience! Once you've got money on the app, simply transfer it to your bank account and you're done.

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Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects architects with client through charged phone communications.

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