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3 Steps to Get Freelance Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors

Criminal justice majors are so respectable, but for some reason making money isn't the easiest. We want to introduce you to a possible solution to your problem!

Need some extra money? For criminal justice majors, working freelance jobs is probably the most efficient way. Work an online job with Callmart, the charged call app! Share your knowledge, whatever it might be, over the phone and make some extra cash!

You can definitely find freelance jobs after graduating with a criminal justice major. On Callmart, buyers are always looking for the knowledge you can offer! Share your expertise and make some extra cash.

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  • Freelance Jobs
  • Criminal Justice Majors

3 Steps to Get Freelance Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors


Want to see Callmart in action? We've created an easy-to-understand Callmart simulation video. Have a look!

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First ...

A Freelance Platform!

Callmart's the best way for criminal justice majors to work freelance jobs, guaranteed. With Callmart you can create a listing for people who want your criminal justice knowledge to call, set your price, and share it! Using Callmart means that you only have to work in your free time. It's as simple as that!

A phone is all you need to start making money on Callmart! Everything you need to sell your services and receive payment is handled within the app itself.

Callmart’s marketplace is a built-in feature that has a global reach. As long as your listing is “Public”, Callmart will automatically publish your listing on the marketplace for Callmart’s users to find!

Second ...

Criminal Justice Majors: Sell Your Skills

Freelance jobs with Callmart start by creating a listing. Criminal justice majors, let's make listings! Creating a listing is easy, and can be done in a few minutes! Your listing will be shared on the Callmart marketplace, and you can personally share it too!

Callmart gives you the freedom to create your own titles and descriptions for your listings, so use them as a chance to really sell your listing in your own words!

Give your listings a worldwide audience by sharing them on social media. You can do that directly from the app using the share function, or by copy and pasting the unique URL that your listing will come with.


Make Money Freelancing!

Your call with your satisfied caller has ended. Immediately after, Callmart automatically sends the payment to your Callmart account!

After your first phone calls, get excited to withdraw your money! Request a payout directly on the app. Callmart will automatically send your money to your bank account.

When your call is over, Callmart will automatically charge a 3% fee to cover our service expenses. Also, third pary Stripe will also charge a small fee for their secure transaction services.

Are you ready to start freelancing?

We hope this article was useful for you! Callmart matches criminal justice majors with anyone through fee-charging communication. Now, are you ready to start finding freelance jobs with Callmart? Download it for free right now!

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