This application ended its service on October 31st, 2019.
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The Simple Way to Get Rich for Stock Traders (using your smartphone)

Callmart is a free smartphone app that makes it possible for you to get rich by communicating your knowledge with clients and people all around the world.

Using Callmart, stock traders can share their knowledge with people from all over the globe to make more money.

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  • Get Rich
  • Stock Traders

The Simple Way to Get Rich for Stock Traders (using your smartphone)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Create a listing.

A strong understanding of the stock market is something only a very few possess. If you're an experienced trader, use Callmart to make even more money. To start, create a Callmart listing - you can sell knowledge on stocks to invest in currently, or even use your listing as a way for clients to contact you at a cost.

When you create a Callmart listing, you have the decision of either setting a custom fee per minute, or picking from one of the suggestions on the price per minute drop-down menu. In any case, you'll always be able to change your fee per minute at any time, so experiment with it!

When people are browing the Callmart marketplace, the title of a listing will determine whether they want to tap on it to learn more about it. Make sure to take extra time to come up with a catchy title. The description of your listing should be straightforward and easy to comprehend to encourage people to reach out to you!

Step 2

Share your listing.

Market your stock trading services to the world by using your listing's unique URL. In order to have access to this, all you have to do is use Callmart's share listing feature after you've completed the creation of your listing. This URL can then be sent anywhere on the Internet with just a single tap!

Popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to share your listing's unique URL. If you're looking to provide your services to a particular individual, setting your listing to private will make it not visible on the marketplace. Instead, just send the unique URL to the person you want to talk to and you're done!

The share feature is designed for you to reach as many people as possible with just a few taps on the app. Making your listing public on the marketplace will enable users from all over the world to reach out to you, so use all the options available to you to increase the amount of business you can get!

Step 3

Get Rich.

All calls made on the app are automatically charged for every minute of the total call duration. Therefore, you'll receive your money as soon as your call ends with a person who has reached out to you. The risks and hassle of receiving payments are erased entirely so you can focus on providing the best service possible!

There is a 3% service fee per transaction that we charge in order to making constant improvements to our app and provide the best experience possible. Stripe, the third party online payment processing provider, also charges a small fee.

You can request a payout of your earnings on the app to your designated bank account at any point you wish.

Ready to get rich?

Callmart matches stock traders with anyone through fee-charging online communications.

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