This application ended its service on October 31st, 2019.
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A Great Way to Get Rich for Podcasters (From your smartphone)

Callmart is a free to download app that enables you to make money by communicating with people from all around the world on your phone. All you need to get started is to create a listing and share it with the rest of the world!

Using Callmart, podcasters can get rich by providing knowledge to listeners around the world.

  • Get Rich
  • Podcasters

A Great Way to Get Rich for Podcasters (From your smartphone)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Create a listing.

As a podcaster, you're probably very accustomed to speaking about any topic for an extended period of time. Create a Callmart listing to provide your fans and listeners with a way to reach out to you for industry advice, or even a live podcast session with a fan. This will open new avenues to make money with a simple phone call!

When choosing a price per minute for your listing, you can either choose from one of the pre-existing prices on the drop-down menu, or come up with a custom price per minute of your own. You'll always have the option of changing your price per minute at any time, so don't worry too much about it.

Think of a title that best represents the service you're going to provide - there are a lot of listings on the marketplace, so you'll definitely want to stand out. When creating a description for your listing, keep the length to a minimum and make it easy to comprehend for anyone who takes a look at your listing!

Step 2

Share your listing.

In addition to promoting your new listing in your podcasts, you should also use Callmart's share listing feature. This feature gives your listing a unique URL that you can share anywhere on the Internet - anyone that clicks on it will be immediately sent to your page! Use all the tools you have available to you to spread word about your services!

To start, share the unique URL of your listing on all the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. All of this can be done in minutes with just a few taps on the app. If you want to keep your listing confidential, you can set it to private, then send your unique URL to the person you want to allow access to.

Making your listing public on the marketplace and sharing your unique URL across all social media platforms will help bring in more business from all around the world!

Step 3

Get Rich.

Calls on the app are charged automatically for each and every minute of a call, so you'll receive money instantly when your call has ended with a buyer! All the trouble and inconvenience with late payments are gone with Callmart.

To keep our platform running, we charge a 3% service fee for every call on the app. Additionally, Stripe, the third party online payment processing company we use, will also charge a small fee per transaction.

You can transfer the earnings you made on the app to your bank account whenever you please. Simply request a payout on the app and you're done!

Ready to get rich?

Callmart matches podcasters with listener through fee-charging online communications.

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