This application ended its service on October 31st, 2019.
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The Simple Way to Get Rich for Statisticians (using your smartphone)

Callmart is a free smartphone app that makes it possible for you to get rich by communicating your knowledge with clients and people all around the world.

Using Callmart, statisticians can provide their services to clients no matter where they are.

  • Get Rich
  • Statisticians

The Simple Way to Get Rich for Statisticians (using your smartphone)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Create a listing.

Statisticians have the skill to gather and interpret numerical data to help companies make informed decisions for their business. Using your industry expertise, you can make money during your free time using Callmart. Create a Callmart listing to offer your expertise and knowledge to existing and future clients from all around the world!

As your fees may vary depending on the person or client, Callmart enables you to set your fees on a per-minute basis. You can always adjust your fees at any time by simply editing your listing once you've created it.

If you're looking to list your services on the Callmart marketplace, taking the time to think of a good title is crucial - it'll make your listing more attractive to potential buyers! Be sure to also keep your description brief and to the point; people don't use Callmart to read an article.

Step 2

Share your listing.

As a statistician, you can notify your clients and anyone else about your services by using the app's share listing feature. This will give you a unique URL for your listing that you can share to anywhere on the Internet, and the best part is that it can be done with just a few taps on the app. This takes almost zero effort and time, while helping out tremendously for promoting your listing.

Social media platforms are always the best option to promote your services, so use Callmart to its full extent by sharing your unique URL across all social media platforms. Don't want your listing to appear on the marketplace? Toggle your listing to private, and simply send your unique URL directly to a person of your choosing.

What person wouldn't love more attention for their services? Sharing your Callmart listing will immediately open doors to a wealth of potential buyers eager to gain knowledge from you.

Step 3

Get Rich.

One of the most frustrating things in business is waiting to get paid for your services. Callmart removes all the trouble and headache of settlements with a system that automatically charges every minute of a call. Once your call has ended, you get paid instantly on your account!

A small 3% service fee is all that Callmart charges for your transaction. Stripe, a third party online payment processing provider that we use, will charge an additional fee.

Looking to cash out your money on the app? Easily transfer your earnings to your bank account whenever you want to.

Ready to get rich?

Callmart matches statisticians with client through fee-charging online communications.

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