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A Short Guide to get Jobs at Home for Navy Veterans (with Callmart)

Are you a navy veteran struggling to find job opportunities after returning from your navy services? We know the position you're in - you're worried because you're not hearing back from places you've applied to. We're going to be introducing you to a way to make money with a job at home without having to rely on others but yourself. Read on to find out about how you can use your time and experience to your max potential.

Callmart is a free, useful and extremely user-friendly app that provides navy veterans with the tools to make money from home by using their smartphone.

By downloading the app, any type of navy veteran can create listings for services they want to provide from home by publishing it to the Callmart marketplace, or sharing it with anyone they wish!

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  • Jobs at Home
  • Navy Veterans

A Short Guide to get Jobs at Home for Navy Veterans (with Callmart)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Stay home, use Callmart.

Start by creating a listing on Callmart. For instance, your listing can be for providing navy advice to people at home, or giving industry advice as a navy veteran. The contents of your listing are entirely up to your imagination. This is a job at home that can accommodate all your needs.

The title, description and picture for your listing are what you should pay attention to the most, if you wish to greatly increase the chances of Callmart users calling you for your services. All three of these components to your listing should best reflect who you are, or what the general content of your service is.

You can adjust the cost per minute of your listing using the pop-down menu for price. For the sake of convenience, there are suggestions for cost per minute that you can choose - otherwise, you're free to come up with your own cost per minute! You'll be able to change the cost whenever you please.

Step 2

Benefits for Navy Veterans

Navy veterans can advertise their listing at home with ease using Callmart. Tap 'share' after creating your listing - the screen will reveal a specific URL that can be shared to anywhere you wish. This is a big timesaver, so use it to promote your listing on sites you frequently use, like Facebook and Twitter.

135 currencies. 6 languages. That's what Callmart supports. Anyone in the world can use our app, so the exposure and reach your listings have are greatly increased with our app.

Every single call on the app is automatically charged in one minute increments, meaning that you receive your money on the app as soon as a call ends between you and your buyer. All your past struggles with late payments are gone!

Step 3

Your Ideal Job at Home.

Callmart will help you create a job at home experience that is unlike anything else. Navy Veterans will have the tools to connect with individuals on a global scale by setting their listing to 'public' on the marketplace. You will always be able to change your listing to private, of course!

In order to improve our services, we charge a service fee of just 3% on all transactions. Stripe, the third party payment processing company that we use, also charges a small fee in order to maintain the integrity, safety and security of all transactions in connection with our app.

Callmart is extremely versatile and can be used for possible situation, regardless of an extremely busy schedule. A few minutes is all it takes to make money! Once you've earned some money on the app, request a payout to your designated bank account and you're all done.

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects navy veterans with anyone through charged phone communications.

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