This application ended its service on October 31st, 2019.
  • Make Money
  • Bakers

Make Money online as Bakers using the best app.

Callmart is the best telecommunication platform where you can make money by charging your clients.

With this app, any baker can give you tips on baking over the phone.

  • Make Money
  • Bakers

Make Money online as Bakers using the best app.


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Step 1

Create a listing.

Promote Callmart to assist clients who are in need. Your expertise in baking is definitely advantageous to clients whilst you can make money simultaneously. You can use Callmart to make money while you solve their problems using your free time.

Set a price to your listing by typing your price in the box or selecting from the price list.

Next, add a title and a description making it easier for the buyers to know what kind of knowledge you offer.

Step 2

Share your listing.

Try sharing your URL at anywhere you want. You can share your listings on websites or social media. You can attract buyers from everywhere.

On Callmart, you can choose to send your URL through direct message or the app itself. Try making your personal listings which only those who have the link have access so that you can avoid receiving calls from a stranger.

If you have a social media account , you can paste your Callmart link to attract the buyers.

Step 3

Earn Money.

Another reason why you would want to use Callmart is because the app has a secure system that prevents buyers from running away as they are charged immediately once the conversation ends.

Using Callmart, however, requires both parties to pay a service charge of 3% each. Also, a small fee will be incurred for using the Stripe account.

You just have to tap the payout button and soon you will receive the money.

What did you think?

Callmart matches bakers with clients through fee-charging online platform. Thank you for following the steps above. Looking forward to talking to you on Callmart!

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