This application ended its service on October 31st, 2019.
  • Make Money
  • guitarists

Make Money online as guitarists by calling.

Callmart is the best app among all other money making apps.

With this app, any guitarist can teach you how to play a guitar over the phone.

  • Make Money
  • guitarists

Make Money online as guitarists by calling.


Make money now! Want to see Callmart in action? We've created an easy-to-understand Callmart simulation video. Have a look!

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Step 1

Create a listing.

Promote Callmart to comfort students who are in trouble. Your expertise in guitar is absolutely useful to students whilst you can make money anywhere anytime. Using Callmart means you can make money while you offer solutions to their problems during your free time.

Callmart lets you choose your own price or you can also choose from the list.

If you want more people to call you, try to design your profile by putting your own title and an attractive description.

Step 2

Share your listing.

Now that you have your listings set up, it's time to share your URL! You can obtain both public and private URL so that you can send the link to a specific buyer.

Share your private URL through direct message or you can also share through the app itself. You can create your private listings and send the URL which means that you can select the person who can call you.

You can also paste your Callmart link on your social media. Once someone clicks the link it automatically leads the user to your Callmart page.

Step 3

Earn Money.

Since Callmart charges the buyer by the minute, the buyers only have to pay for the time they spent on talking. The money will then automatically go to your balance which you can withdraw anytime anywhere.

Callmart charges 3% for both you and the buyer to keep the business going. You also have to pay for your Stripe account fee which keeps the transactions smooth.

All you have to do is to click payout, wait for a while, and then boom, all the money you earned has been transferred into your account.

On a final note

Callmart matches guitarists with students through fee-charging online communications. It's never too late to install Callmart on your device. You will never regret using Callmart!

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