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An Effective Way to get Online Jobs for Architecture Students (with the help of an app)

A majority of architecture students have assignments from classes and are still financially dependent. Even though you're gaining new knowledge every day, your schedule is erratic and your classes are spread unevenly throughout the day. What if you could use the knowledge you've gained from university to make money with an online job during your free time in between classes?

Callmart is a free smartphone app that makes it possible for architecture students to get rich online through communication by phone with people rom all across the globe.

Callmart is designed for any architecture student that wants to make the most out of their time online by having fun and profiting from it.

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  • Online Jobs
  • Architecture Students

An Effective Way to get Online Jobs for Architecture Students (with the help of an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Go online, use Callmart.

To begin, go online and create a Callmart listing. As an architecture student, you probably have a lot of knowledge that can be useful to students all over the world, so this can be a good foundation to your listing on Callmart. This is the beginning of your very own online job!

The description of your listing should be brief but well-defined, the title should sum up your listing in a few words, and your photo should accurately represent the type of individual you are.

The freedom to set your own price per minute is what makes Callmart unique from the rest of the apps on the market today. To set a price, simply go to the price drop-down menu and choose from one of the displayed prices, or create a custom price depending on your situation. You can always edit your listing to change the price whenever you want!

Step 2

Pros for Architecture Students

The best place for architecture students to promote their listing is probably Facebook - namely, their school's Facebook page. Callmart makes it easy for you to promote your services on these sites within a few seconds after account creation. Use Callmart's share URL feature to generate a unique URL to your listing, then proceed by posting this URL anywhere online that you think will attract attention!

6 different languages and transaction support for 135 different currencies - that's the scope of Callmart, and what we pride ourselves on.

When a call between you and your buyer has finished, you receive your money immediately. All the risk and hassle associated with collecting payments is taken care by us!

Step 3

The Ideal Online Job.

Callmart will help you create an online job experience that is unlike anything else. Architecture Students will have the tools to connect with individuals on a global scale by setting their listing to 'public' on the marketplace. You will always be able to change your listing to private, of course!

A fee of 3% is all we charge in order to keep our services running and make improvements to Callmart. Stripe, Inc. is the online payment processing service that we use, and they charge a separate fee as well.

Use Callmart based off your own schedule and whenever you're free. All you have to do is to talk, get paid, then transfer your earnings on the app to your designated bank account. It's seriously that simple. ]

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects architecture students with anyone through charged phone communications.

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