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The Effective Method to get Online Jobs for Music Majors (using a smartphone app)

If you are a music major, you likely have a schedule filled with assignments from classes and are still financially dependent. Even though you're gaining new knowledge every day, your schedule is erratic and your classes are spread unevenly throughout the day. What if you could use the knowledge you've gained from university to make money with an online job during your free time in between classes?

Callmart is a marketplace for communication that enables music majors to earn money by sharing their knowledge and skills with people from all around the world. Start your journey to make money online today!

The app is perfect for every music major who wants to capitlize on money-making opportunities online. To get started, download Callmart!

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  • Online Jobs
  • Music Majors

The Effective Method to get Online Jobs for Music Majors (using a smartphone app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Go online, use Callmart.

To begin, go online and create a Callmart listing. As a music major, you could make a listing to charge other students for homework help, or for any sort of advice or knowledge on anything you're an expert in. In either case, you should decide what's best for your own listing - these are just some guidelines. Each listing you create will be a catalyst to your own online job!

The description for your listing should be short but exciting to read, and the image(s) you choose to go along with your listing should accurately reflect what your service is about. Focus on these points and your listing will receive more views, which means more potential for money and business for you!

Make sure to set a reasonable price for your listing. As all listings are charged by the minute, base your price on factors like the level of your knowledge, availability, and look at it from the buyer's perspective too. You can always edit the price at any time you wish, so experiment with it!

Step 2

Pros for Music Majors

Music majors can easily promote their listing on Callmart with the share button. Tapping the share button after you create your listing will display your listing's unique URL - you can then share it anywhere online in less than a minute. To use this the best way possible, share your URL on your school's website, online job forums, as well as all social media platforms you can think of (i.e. Facebook and Twitter).

Callmart promotes worldwide information exchange by being available in 6 languages (English, Korean., German, Japanese, Spanish and FrencH) and supporting Callmart transactions for 135 currencies. We encourage you to learn more about the world around you!

Every call you make through Callmart is charged automatically by the minute, meaning that all the work of billing and risk of not getting paid is completely erased!

Step 3

The Ideal Online Job.

The kind of online job you'll create for yourself on Callmart is special.Music Majors have a marketplace platform on which to connnect with individuals from all around the world and create value in the process. (Hint: if you prefer your listing to be private, simply edit your listing to do so instantly.)

There's a fee of 3% that Callmart charges for every call, which is used to keep our service going and to improve it as much as we possibly can. Stripe is an online payment processing provider that we use for the app, and they charge a small fee as well.

Money making opportunities are everywhere you are with Callmart! Whether at home, on a lunch break or while going somewhere, you can make your services available to the global marketplace anytime of the day, any day of the week!

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects music majors with anyone through charged phone communications.

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