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The Simple Way to get Online Jobs for Zoology Graduates (with an app)

If you're reading this, you might be a zoology graduate with a lot of knowledge gained from your studies, but unsure how to apply it to your best potential. Perhaps you, like many others, feel stuck with finding the right opportunities that can provide both joy and financial stability for your life. The good news is that we'll show you a way for making money with an online job by using the skills you currently have.

Callmart is a free, money-making app that that lets zoology graduates share their knowledge online with people around the world to make money!

Any zoology graduate can use Callmart online, and getting started takes just a few minutes! Download the app now to begin.

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  • Online Jobs
  • Zoology Graduates

The Simple Way to get Online Jobs for Zoology Graduates (with an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Go online, use Callmart.

A number of ideas come to mind when thinking of what zoology graduates can sell on Callmart. To begin, create a listing for any type of knowledge you believe is valuable - for instance, a listing to help zoology majors pass a difficult course, or to give knowledge about anything you know a lot about for anyone online. Think of Callmart as a platform for unique online jobs!

It's worthwhile to take time to think of a good title to go along with your listing, and also a clear and concise description. This will let other people browsing the marketplace easily understand your service, as well as increase the amount of traffic for your listing.

People who call your listing on Callmart will pay a price per minute, so you can use the app even if you only have a few minutes of free time. When choosing your fee per minute, you can either choose from one of the suggested fees on the drop-down menu, or create a custom fee.

Step 2

Pros for Zoology Graduates

After listing creation, marketing your listing will be incredibly easy - tap 'share' after creating your listing to reveal a shareable URL for your listing. As you're a Zoology graduate, sharing your URL on your school's online alumni group, and professional sites like LinkedIn, will help build a good foundation to gain more buyers for your listing.

Callmart’s global marketplace provides for a unique opportunity to get you to the next level. You may find something new about yourself while sharing your knowledge with others in the world. In order to make it easy, the app comes in 6 languages - for now - English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. It can process transactions in some 135 currencies throughout the world.

Calls are charged automatically in one minute increments, meaning that you'll get paid as soon as your call ends. No need to worry about unpaid fees!

Step 3

The Ideal Online Job.

The app is the most creative online job to earn money on your own. Zoology Graduates can communicate with people from different backgrounds and countries by publishing their listing on the marketplace - a truly unique experience! Making your listing private, on the other hand, is useful if you want to limit your listing to people you know personally.

Our platform charges a small 3% service fee of the total amount of each call, in order to keep developing new and exciting features for Callmart users. There's also a fee charged by our 3rd party online payment provider, Stripe.

Making money with even just a minute or two to spare is entirely possible with Callmart. Simply pick up the phone, receive money for your services, then request a payout of your earnings on the app to your bank account!

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects zoology graduates with anyone through charged phone communications.

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