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The New Method to get Online Jobs for Mathematicians (with Callmart)

Are you a mathematician looking for alternative ways to make extra cash, but don't exactly know how to go about it? Mathematicians are highly sought-after by thousands of businesses worldwide for their skill in solving practical problems. This article will show you how to make money with an online job during your free time by using your skills and knowledge, and most importantly, without having to change your current job situation!

Callmart is a free, money-making app that that lets mathematicians share their knowledge online with people around the world to make money!

Any mathematician can use Callmart online, and getting started takes just a few minutes! Download the app now to begin.

  • Online Jobs
  • Mathematicians

The New Method to get Online Jobs for Mathematicians (with Callmart)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Go online, use Callmart.

To start, it's really simple - create a Callmart listing. Your listing can be about anything you deem is useful - for example, to charge your clients for contacting you on the weekends or during your off-time, or to help aspiring mathematicians online by giving them industry tips! Think of Callmart as a platform for unique online jobs!

In order to make your listing stand out to people, make sure to pick an appropriate picture that best describes the service you're trying to sell. In addition, pay special attention to the title and description as well - it should be brief while capturing all the key points that are useful to potential buyers.

You have two options to pick your price per minute - either you can choose from one of the pre-existing options, or create your own, custom price per minute to match your personal needs! In any case, you'll always be able to change it at any point you wish.

Step 2

Pros for Mathematicians

Mathematicians don't have to do much at all to promote their listing; Callmart's share feature handles it all for you. This feature gives your listing an independent URL that can be shared anywhere you wish online. Use this to promote your listing on business-focused sites like LinkedIn, and also your company's website to make it easier for your current clients to access.

Callmart users need not worry about language barriers; the app has been localized and translated from English into 5 other languages - Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German and French. Callmart is a big platform for connecting people from all around the world!

The app’s automatic charge function lets you differentiate your services while monetizing the personal experience you have with them. If you keep your Callmart listing exclusive, you can differentiate your services while ensuring that you get paid for your services. There will be no eMBArrassing collection follow ups anymore for your high profile or high networth buyers.

Step 3

The Ideal Online Job.

The marketplace on Callmart provides mathematicians with the perfect platform to make money from a self-created online job. Publishing your listing on the marketplace will allow access to anyone around the world using Callmart to buy your listing, while private listings are for cases where you want to provide a service to a specific person.

We charge a 3% service fee for every transaction on Callmart; this amount goes into further developing our app and making it as best as possible for our users. Additionally, Stripe, Inc., the third-party online payment processing provider that we use for this app, charges a separate fee.

You can use the app anytime, anywhere! Whether at home, on the go, or on your break, you can start making money.

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects mathematicians with client through charged phone communications.

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