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The Simple Way to get Flexible Jobs for Web Developers (with the help of an app)

If you're a web developer, you probably possess useful knowledge and skills required for daily tasks and problem solving. However, your industry is extremely competitive and it's often difficult to get paid as much as you want. If you're a web developer looking for a flexible job to make money without having to change your current routine, this guide is for you.

Callmart is a free, money-making app that that lets web developers share their knowledge flexibly with people around the world to make money!

Any web developer can use Callmart flexibly, and getting started takes just a few minutes! Download the app now to begin.

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  • Flexible Jobs
  • Web Developers

The Simple Way to get Flexible Jobs for Web Developers (with the help of an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

A Flexible Life with Callmart.

Once the app is downloaded on your phone, open it and create a Callmart listing for your flexible job. For example, your listing can be a way for struggling web developers to contact you, or providing advice on any tech-related topic you're really good at. Base everything off your own schedule - in others, be flexible!

Create a title and description for your listing that best describes your background and industry knowledge, and take time to make it as brief and concise as possible. Potential buyers of your service on the marketplace will naturally be inclined to check out your listing if you take these measures!

People who want to connect with you through Callmart will pay a price per minute that you set for your listing. When you choose a price per minute for your listing, you have the option of choosing one of the suggested prices on the price menu, or personalize your listing by creating a custom price decided by yourself.

Step 2

Merits for Web Developers

Callmart makes it simple for web developers to raise awareness for their listing. Once you've made your listing, click 'share' - this will display a special, shareable URL that you can post on popular sites like LinkedIn with just a single tap on the app. Be flexible and post this URL on any site that your clients frequently access; this will make it easier for them to find your listing.

Callmart supports transactions in 135 currencies. The app is also available in 6 languages - English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. The built-in global marketplace lets you offer your knowledge and experience to billions of people throughout the world. Start changing the world for the better!

Receiving payments on Callmart is as safe and effortless as possible. All calls that are made on Callmart are instantaneously charged every minute. In layman's terms, the moment your call has finished, you receive your money!

Step 3

First-Class Flexibility

Callmart hosts people from all around the world. It's pretty much a flexible job for web developers to make money in their own time while building connections with people everywhere. Toggle your listing between public and private depending on your situation!

A fee of 3% is all we charge in order to keep our services running and make improvements to Callmart. Stripe, Inc. is the online payment processing service that we use, and they charge a separate fee as well.

Making money with even just a minute or two to spare is entirely possible with Callmart. Simply pick up the phone, receive money for your services, then request a payout of your earnings on the app to your bank account!

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects web developers with client through charged phone communications.

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