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An Effective Way to get Flexible Jobs for Spanish Speakers (with an app)

If you're a Spanish speaker struggling to look for fulfilling ways to make money with your language skills, this article has the solution for you. Using your free time and knowledge, you can easily make money with a flexible job of your own!

Callmart is a free, money-making app that that lets spanish speakers share their knowledge flexibly with people around the world to make money!

Any spanish speaker can use Callmart flexibly, and getting started takes just a few minutes! Download the app now to begin.

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  • Flexible Jobs
  • Spanish Speakers

An Effective Way to get Flexible Jobs for Spanish Speakers (with an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

A Flexible Life with Callmart.

Create a Callmart listing for your flexible job to get started. As for what you want to sell, we leave that entirely up to you - for instance, you can help people become a Spanish speaker like yourself by giving lessons.

In order to capture the attention of people browsing the marketplace, the photo for your listing should be of good quality, unpixelated, and an accurate representation of who you are. The title and description should be precise and kept as short as possible - this will improve the readability of your listing and therefore be more attractive to everyone else!

The price per minute pop-down menu allows you to choose from one of the preset suggested prices displayed on the screen, or customize your own price depending on whatever situation you're in. Keep in mind that Callmart listings are priced by the minute, so stay within reasonable limits for your price!

Step 2

Merits for Spanish Speakers

Advertising a listing is really easy for any Spanish speaker using Callmart. Whenever you create a listing, you have flexibility in choosing where you want ot share it by clicking the "share" button. This will show a URL particular to your listing that you can share on language learning sites as well as any site you want!

Our app is made for anyone and everyone. Although English is our main language, the app is also available in Korean, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. In addition, we currently support transactions on the app for 135 currencies, making it possible for you to do business with others no matter where they live!

Every call made on our app is automatically charged in one minute increments, so you get paid for the services you've rendered immediately after every call between you and your buyer has ended.

Step 3

First-Class Flexibility

Opportunies to earn money with a flexible job that only requires your time and knowledge are few and far between. Spanish Speakers should make full use of Callmart's marketplace and embrace worldwide information exchange. You can always make your listing private if your service is confidential.

Our platform charges a small 3% service fee of the total amount of each call, in order to keep developing new and exciting features for Callmart users. There's also a fee charged by our 3rd party online payment provider, Stripe.

Use Callmart based off your own schedule and whenever you're free. All you have to do is to talk, get paid, then transfer your earnings on the app to your designated bank account. It's seriously that simple. ]

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects spanish speakers with language student through charged phone communications.

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