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The Effective Way to get Freelance Jobs for Native English Speakers (with the help of an app)

If you happen to be a native English speaker who is seeking ways to make money using your language skills, this article was written for you. By utilizing your language skills and free time, you can make money freelancing in a creative way.

Callmart is a free, useful and extremely user-friendly app that provides native english speakers with the tools to make money freelancing by using their smartphone.

By downloading the app, any type of native english speaker can create listings for services they want to provide as a freelancer by publishing it to the Callmart marketplace, or sharing it with anyone they wish!

SELLERNative English Speaker
BUYERLanguage Student
  • Freelance Jobs
  • Native English Speakers

The Effective Way to get Freelance Jobs for Native English Speakers (with the help of an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Freelance, for anyone.

Create a listing on Callmart to start. You decide what you want to sell for your listing - as an example, you can create a listing to charge potential clients and businesses if they require a Native English speaker for help or to help anyone by offering freelance on-demand translation services!

In order to capture the attention of people browsing the marketplace, the photo for your listing should be of good quality, unpixelated, and an accurate representation of who you are. The title and description should be precise and kept as short as possible - this will improve the readability of your listing and therefore be more attractive to everyone else!

The price per minute pop-down menu allows you to choose from one of the preset suggested prices displayed on the screen, or customize your own price depending on whatever situation you're in. Keep in mind that Callmart listings are priced by the minute, so stay within reasonable limits for your price!

Step 2

Value for Native English Speakers

Native English speakers can let the rest of the world know about their listing with Callmart's share button. After creating your listing, tap 'share' to display your listing's unique URL. You can then post your URL on multiple sites like Facebook and freelancing sites in a matter of seconds. Use this to efficiently promote your services without having to put much effort in!

International communication and knowledge exchange is what we aim for. Callmart is available in 6 different languages - English, Korean, German, French, Spanish and Japanese. Additionally, transactions on our app are available for 135 currencies!

Calls made via Callmart are automatically charged in one minute increments, which means that you get paid on the app immediately after every call between you and your buyer has ended. We've all dealt with late payments and online scams; Callmart eliminates all of that!

Step 3

The Optimal Freelance Job

Your preconceived notions about freelance jobs will change drastically after using Callmart. Native English Speakers can publish their listings on the marketplace to offer their services to people worldwide. Switching your listing to private can be done instantly if you wish to make a non-public listing.

Please note that to help keep making our products and service better, Callmart charges a small fee (3%) on all transactions. Please also note that there will be a separate fee that is charged by Stripe, Callmart’s third party payment processing service provider.

So long as you're available, you can use Callmart from anywhere, and for as long as you like. Making money from a call, even if it was just for a minute, will make you money! You can request a payout of your money on the app to your bank account whenever you choose.

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects native english speakers with language student through charged phone communications.

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