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A Great Way to get Jobs at Home for Former Teachers (using an app)

If you're a former teacher, you may have struggled to find ways to make money outside of the classroom. Instead of all that experience and knowledge you've earned going to waste, there are ways to make money with a job at home - and all it requires is your time.

Callmart is a free, useful and extremely user-friendly app that provides former teachers with the tools to make money from home by using their smartphone.

By downloading the app, any type of former teacher can create listings for services they want to provide from home by publishing it to the Callmart marketplace, or sharing it with anyone they wish!

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  • Jobs at Home
  • Former Teachers

A Great Way to get Jobs at Home for Former Teachers (using an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Stay home, use Callmart.

As soon as the app is downloaded on your phone, create a Callmart listing. Be as imaginative as you want with what you want to sell. (Examples of what former teachers can sell on Callmart: helping students at home with advice on proven learning techniques; study advice for people worldwide, etc.) * It's pretty much like your own job at home!

If you're looking to list your services on the Callmart marketplace, taking the time to think of a good title is crucial - it'll make your listing more attractive to potential buyers! Be sure to also keep your description brief and to the point; people don't use Callmart to read an article.

As your fees may vary depending on the person or client, Callmart enables you to set your fees on a per-minute basis. You can always adjust your fees at any time by simply editing your listing once you've created it.

Step 2

Benefits for Former Teachers

Now that you've successfully made your listing, it's time to let people at home know. The convenient thing is that former teachers don't need to do much to advertise; Callmart's share URL feature does it all for you. This feature provides your listing with a specific URL, and sharing this URL anywhere at home is as easy as tapping a few buttons on the app. Begin spreading word about your listing by posting this URL on sites like LinkedIn!

Callmart is uniquely versatile app that opens up opportunities for you to make money on your own. Callmart has no geographical boundaries as it's localized in 6 languages - English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German and Korean.

Remuneration for your services on Callmart is charged automatically for each and every minute of your call. This means that you get paid as soon as your call has ended with a buyer of your listing - no risk of not getting paid or late payments!

Step 3

Your Ideal Job at Home.

Your preconceived notions about job at homes will change drastically after using Callmart. Former Teachers can publish their listings on the marketplace to offer their services to people worldwide. Switching your listing to private can be done instantly if you wish to make a non-public listing.

There is a 3% service fee per transaction that we charge in order to making constant improvements to our app and provide the best experience possible. Stripe, the third party online payment processing provider, also charges a small fee.

Whenever you have a free time at home, at work, at school or wherever you happen to be, you can turn that free time into a money making opportunity. Callmart will let you do just that.

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects former teachers with student through charged phone communications.

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