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How to Get Jobs at Home for Former Teachers

Do you have lots of free time on your hands, or maybe you want to make money a bit more flexibly? Many former teachers are in the same situation as you. Have a look at what we think is the best solution!

Need some extra money? For former teachers, working jobs at home is probably the most efficient way. Try downloading Callmart, the charged communication app, to work an online job. We all have a service or knowledge to sell, so do it via phone call!

Have some free time? Use your education background to teach people and work a job at home on Callmart.

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  • Jobs at Home
  • Former Teachers

How to Get Jobs at Home for Former Teachers


Want to see Callmart in action? We've created an easy-to-understand Callmart simulation video. Have a look!

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Step One

Use Callmart at Home

Callmart makes it simple to work jobs at home for former teachers looking for an effective way to make money online using their talents and skills. Create a listing on Callmart for your services/advice, set your fee per minute, and share!

Use Callmart from the comfort of your own phone. Once you've downloaded the app, you can do everything from within it.

Keep a work schedule that works for you. Callmart allows you to keep a schedule by setting your listing to Available or Unavailable. If you are done for the day or just too tired, set your listing to Unavailable!

Step Two

Former Teachers: Listings

Former teachers, ready to start working your Callmart job at home? Let's go! Start by creating a listing. You know what services/knowledge (teaching or not) you'll be providing on Callmart. Making a listing for it only takes a couple of minutes! After that, share it! Callmart gives you tons of options to share your listing everywhere.

Callmart gives you 100% control over what your listing looks like to the public. Create your own titles and descriptions that truly reflect your services.

You can share your listings with potential callers on social media, blogs, websites, messaging apps - the possibilities are endless! Callmart provides a unique URL for each listing that is easily shared.

Step Three

Make Money at Home!

No need for you to wait or take any action. We know you're eager to get paid, so we do it immediately! Callmart sends the payment to your account immediately.

Payout your earnings from your call and transfer them to your bank account as soon as you want/whenever you want!

Callmart takes a small, 3% service fee to keep our services running. In addition, the third-party transaction system Stripe will also take a small fee for their secure transactions.

So, what did you think?

We hope this article was useful for you! Callmart matches former teachers with students through fee-charging communication. Now, are you ready to start finding jobs at home with Callmart? Download it for free right now!

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