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The New Process to get Online Jobs for Java Programmers (using Callmart)

Java programmers are high in demand because of their specialized skills that require a great deal of analytical ability. If you're a Java programmer who is looking for a unique solution to making money with an online job on the side, this will be a quick and effective read for you.

Callmart is a marketplace for communication that enables Java programmers to earn money by sharing their knowledge and skills with people from all around the world. Start your journey to make money online today!

The app is perfect for every Java programmer who wants to capitlize on money-making opportunities online. To get started, download Callmart!

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  • Online Jobs
  • Java Programmers

The New Process to get Online Jobs for Java Programmers (using Callmart)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Go online, use Callmart.

As soon as the app is downloaded on your phone, create a Callmart listing. Be as imaginative as you want with what you want to sell. (Examples of what Java programmers can sell on Callmart: programming tips for students online, or a listing to charge clients who want to call you off-work hours.) Each listing you create will be a catalyst to your own online job!

To optimize your listing, three crucial things should be taken into consideration - your title, description, and photo(s). The best listings on the marketplace are the ones that have a top quality photo, a straight to the point description, and a title that isn't generic. Use your creativity to make yourself more noticeable to people browsing the marketplace!

The cost per minute for your listing can easily be adjusted at any point after you create your listing, so no need to worry too much about setting the perfect price just yet! Set a price, gauge the reaction you get from buyers, and make adjustments based on that to eventually come up with a price that both you and your buyers can be content with.

Step 2

Pros for Java Programmers

As you're a Java programmer, you can make great use of the app's share listing option to market your listing anywhere online. After your listing is complete, click the 'share' button - this will show a special URL for your listing that you can post anywhere on the Internet. To really catch everyone's attention, share your URL on your company's page, as well as LinkedIn and/or any industry-related site you use.

Callmart is uniquely versatile app that opens up opportunities for you to make money on your own. Callmart has no geographical boundaries as it's localized in 6 languages - English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German and Korean.

Every call you make through Callmart is charged automatically by the minute, meaning that all the work of billing and risk of not getting paid is completely erased!

Step 3

The Ideal Online Job.

Using Callmart will change your perspective on online jobs, and just how far you can go with it. Java Programmers can connect with people from all around the world by publishing their listing on the marketplace. If you're looking to communicate with a certain individual, don't worry - simply set your listing to private.

In order for us to continue the operations of this app and make constant improvements, there's a 3% service fee that we charge for each call on the app. There will also be a small fee charged by Stripe, the third-party online payment processing service that our app uses.

With Callmart, time really is money. Utilizing just your free time, you can start making extra money, whether sitting at home, taking a break from work or class, or driving to go somewhere.

Ready to begin?

Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects Java programmers with client through charged phone communications.

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