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New Creator Joins the Callmart Community: Anime Twins

The Anime Twins channel, owned by twin sisters Magan and Phoenix, has recently joined the Callmart community, selling their time to followers in exchange for a fun chat.

The Anime Twins channel mostly focuses on creating nightcore music, which is a remix track that speeds up the pitch and time of its source material by 10-30%.

With nearly 240,000 subscribers, it's clear there is an audience for the content that Magan and Phoenix are creating. The Anime Twins have achieved a great deal of popularity and the Callmart team couldn't be happier to host them on the app!

New Creator Joins the Callmart Community: Anime Twins :

1. Top videos

Have a listen to three of the most popular videos from the Anime Twins channel. These videos racked up view counts in the millions! Try listening to nightcore for the first time and see how you like it!

(1) Nightcore - Nothing Stopping Me (Lyrics), 5.3M views

(2) Bang Bang (Switching Vocals) Male Version - Nightcore, 3.8M views

(3) Jar Of Hearts (Switching Vocals) - Nightcore, 2.1M views

Imagine the effort that went into creating these fantastic videos. The Anime Twins have an ear for music and can make high-quality remixes. We hope you enjoyed these top videos from the Anime Twins channel!

2. Social media

  • Have a one-on-one phone call with the owners of the Anime Twins channel and enjoy getting to know them better using their Callmart listing.
  • The Anime Twins channel is very active on the YouTube Community tab, frequently posting funny pictures and music to entertain fans.
  • Check out the Anime Twins Patreon account and consider supporting the channel through dontations!
  • Got a question for this channel? Use ASKfm to send a question anonymously.