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How You Can Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos or Using Ads

Making videos may be your passion, but it can also be discouraging to put your all into your content and still not make money on YouTube.
There's an app that truly understands the monetization struggle—Callmart, a charged communication app, is changing the way YouTubers approach making money.

To make money with Callmart, you don't need to film or even think about AdSense.
This app uses charged communication, which means subscribers pay to personally talk to you, to make you money anywhere, anytime.
Available in over 150 countries, the app has buyers from around the globe so phone calls don't depend on time zone.

YouTubers uniquely benefit from this app because:

1. They control how much money they make without worrying about AdSense requirements.

2. The money is deposited instantly after a phone call ends, so YouTubers can see profits from day one. No jumping through hoops!

YouTubers love Callmart as an option for making money without all the hassle of ads or trying to meet channel requirements.
If you want to get involved, read below to learn more about why YouTubers especially have what it takes to be top earners on Callmart.

1. Why Is Callmart Perfect for YouTubers?

YouTubers certainly have a lot to share with the world, and sharing your passion is what Callmart is all about!
The app wants to help creative, knowledgeable individuals make money, and all you need to do is offer your time to the Callmart buyer community.
In fact, YouTubers have particularly high earning potential on Callmart. Why?
Because YouTubers have two unique advantages when it comes to making money with Callmart:

  • YouTubers already have an established following, while the average user does not.
  • YouTube videos have high and impactful visibility relative to other types of social media.

So with your following of subscribers and your high-visibility videos, you can easily become a top earner on Callmart.
We recommend simply pasting your Callmart listing link alongside your other social media links in your video descriptions. And don't forget to make an announcement to your viewers!

2. Why It's So Easy to Make Money Online with Callmart

Thanks to YouTubers' unique advantages mentioned above, you can receive many phone calls as soon as you tell your viewers about this new communication opportunity!
Callmart simplifies making money online: You just need to make a listing and answer the phone. Your per-minute earnings will be instantly deposited to your Callmart account when you hang up.

With the ability to make unlimited listings, money-making on Callmart is extremely flexible compared to what it takes to monetize a YouTube channel with AdSense.

If you want to start making money on your own terms, click here to see a tutorial about how to register with Callmart!

3. How to Make a Listing in Minutes

To make the most money on Callmart, your listings should follow some important guidelines. With only a few taps, you can create and publish your first listing in no time! It's very exciting to go live on the app for the first time.
To suit a variety of viewers' preferences, you can make unlimited listings, so get creative with it! And if you need some motivation, keep reading below to see our customized suggestions for a variety of YouTube channels.


1. Make sure your listing uses clear images that accurately reflect the service you are selling.
2. Write a brief title that is easy-to-understand, and write a description that clearly explains what the buyer can expect from a phone call with you!

Click here to see the full tutorial for how to create a listing on Callmart.

4. Making Money with a Health Channel

We know your viewers crave videos about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, but what makes them subscribe is the actual YouTuber. You are the shining star of your channel, and you're what keeps the viewers coming back for more.
You can put this popularity to use in a new way with Callmart, especially if you want to make money without making videos!
Just open up your schedule a little to chat on the app with viewers and make money as the minutes add up.


To ensure your listings are a success, you'll want to think carefully about what kind of phone calls your viewers will want to have.
Some will simply want to spend time chatting with you, while others will hope for some personalized health tips.
See below for some listing ideas we've already brainstormed just for you!

  • How to improve your health step by step: Discuss and plan
  • Get your diet on track: Customized meal planning
  • YouTuber Q&A: Ask me anything!

Note: Unless you're a healthcare professional, it would be wise to put a disclaimer in your listing that you are only advising in a personal capacity.

5. Making Money with a Fitness Channel

As a fitness YouTuber, you likely already have the attributes that are important for making money with Callmart. If any of the below describes you, then you need to put these skills to use with charged communication:

  • You have fitness expertise and can whip up an exercise plan with ease
  • You know your way around a YouTube channel and can talk about YouTube endlessly
  • You know what it takes to get fit and are passionate to share this with others

We especially recommend Callmart to fitness YouTubers who want to make money in a new way without making videos.


Callmart gives viewers the chance to personally meet and spend time talking to their YouTube idols. To make a successful listing, we recommend thinking about what you would want to talk about with your favorite YouTuber. Have some ideas? So do we! See below to discover some listing examples to jumpstart your brainstorming session.

  • Let's design an exercise plan: Customized workouts
  • Tell me your fitness woes: Let's improve your workouts
  • Get to know a YouTuber: 10-minute introductory chat

6. Making Money with a Gaming Channel

Gamers on YouTube can make money in a variety of ways, from livestreaming on Twitch to creating your own merchandise, you have some good options. But Callmart gives you a completely new way to make money without having to leave home or even turn on your PC.
If you've gained some popularity thanks to your gaming channel, then we're sure you have viewers who wouldn't pass up a chance to get to know you personally. This is where Callmart comes in. The app will connect you with your viewers, and all you need to do is make some time in between filming Let's Plays to see your earnings grow.


If you seriously want to pursue charged communication to produce earnings, then you need to make listings that viewers will be enticed to click on. For example, if you're a fan of Markiplier, what would you love to talk to him about on Callmart?
Now, consider your own fans, and decide what you can offer them in a phone call. Feel free to use or modify our below examples to help you get started.

  • Call and play: Team gameplay with a YouTuber
  • 10-minute casual gaming chat
  • PUBG Teamplay: Let's play a round together!


We recommend putting your channel name and your photo in the listing. This will catch buyers' attention and prove it's really you.

7. Making Money with a Beauty Channel

Beauty YouTubers often have multiple sources of income. Callmart can be a seriously successful addition to your income stream if you have a passion for beauty and some spare time. Your viewers will become your buyers on the Callmart app, and spending time chatting with them makes you money as the minutes tick by.
Lucky for you, not everyone is incredibly talented with makeup application, so the Callmart community really needs the advice of beauty YouTubers just like you.


Your selling power on Callmart comes not only from your amazing makeup skills and beauty knowledge, but from the fact that followers will be delighted to receive personal attention from you! Keep all of these strengths in mind as you craft your first few Callmart listings. Use our list below if you're stumped and need some inspiration.

  • Skincare routine consultation: Tips, brands & more!
  • Let's get to know each other: 10-minute chat
  • Glam walkthrough: Let's plan a look together!

8. Making Money with a Tech Channel

As the owner of a tech channel, we bet you've spent some time thinking about how your channel can make you money in the long-run. Most likely it will require multiple sources of income, which isn't uncommon these days. As part of your income stream lineup, we highly recommend adding charged communication to the mix.
Callmart is ideal for tech YouTubers since an understanding of tech is considered specialized knowledge—something Callmart buyers are looking for.
Combine this with the popularity you've already earned on YouTube, and you have what it takes to make good money with the Callmart app.


If you're curious about using your channel's star power to make money with Callmart but don't know where to begin, let us help. You simply need to invent some carefully-considered listings and wait for the calls to come in!
So what makes a good listing? It should mention you or your channel's name for sure. Use a picture that represents your channel. Lastly, the listing should be for a phone call that your viewers can't resist. The general examples below should help get your mind in the right place. Customize them as you see fit!

  • Q&A: Ask this tech YouTuber anything!
  • Tech consultation: Help with your first PC build
  • Tech advice: Buying a DSLR camera

9. Making Money with a Business Channel

Business YouTubers are no strangers to helping people. We're sure you're quite familiar with giving advice and coming up with business tips for your fans. By pairing this experience with your YouTube channel following, you've got a winning combination for making money with Callmart. The app is looking for sellers with specialized knowledge and online influence. Does this sound like you?


You average customer on Callmart will either be a fan of your YouTube channel or someone unrelated to your channel hoping for business advice. Since you already have an online following, it's wise to target those followers with your listings. Use your YouTube star power to your advantage!
Make listings that show off your or your channel's name, and use pictures that clearly represent your channel, such as your channel icon. It's also recommended to inform your viewers of your Callmart account in an announcement and paste your Callmart listing links in your video descriptions. Here are some example listing titles that you can use or modify as you wish:

  • YouTuber chat: Get to know me in 10 minutes
  • Ask me anything: Business edition
  • Starting a small business: Consultation service

10. Making Money with a Cooking Channel

We know how much work goes into creating a successful YouTube channel, and cooking YouTubers are no exception. You've worked hard to get those views and subscribers, and we hope you've achieved monetization with AdSense.
Even if you haven't, you can make money another way—by using your channel's popularity to your advantage. Cooking YouTubers usually have very loyal fans, and if you advertise your Callmart listings through your YouTube videos, you'll be sure to attract callers in no time!


To get down to specifics, you'll need to make listings with clear and attractive titles which show potential buyers exactly what they'll get from a phone call with you.
Below we've made some examples of listings cooking YouTubers could use. Make sure to include your channel name wherever possible!

  • I'll create a custom recipe just for you!
  • Let's talk about food: Recipe exchange
  • How to choose your cooking knives: For beginners

11. You Can Start Making Money Today

Thanks to Callmart's easy-to-use interface and simple registration process, you can start making money on the same day as you download the app!

Any kind of YouTuber can benefit from using this app and making good use of their online influence.
This article has introduced only a handful of the possible channels that can profit with Callmart.

If you want to make the most money, it's best to download today because Callmart is currently offering the first three months free!

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