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The Fast Way to Get Flexible Jobs for Freelancers

Freelancers can often have trouble making as much money as they want. Are you one of them? No shame, you're not the only one! It shouldn't be this way, so let's learn how to make extra money!

Need some extra money? For freelancers, working flexible jobs is probably the most efficient way. You can work an online job with Callmart. Make money by charging a fee for sharing your services and/or knowledge with just a voice call.

For a freelancer, a flexible job is ideal. Try finding clients with Callmart! Sell your knowledge whenever you want, and make some extra cash.

  • Flexible Jobs
  • Freelancers

The Fast Way to Get Flexible Jobs for Freelancers


Want to see Callmart in action? We've created an easy-to-understand Callmart simulation video. Have a look!

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Anytime, Anywhere

Callmart allows freelancers to find and work flexible jobs in a hassle-free, simple way. With your freelance experience, try creating a listing to start selling what you know best.

Good news - all you need to use Callmart is a phone! Since it's an app, everything can be controlled from within, including withdrawing money and sharing your services to buyers.

You can start making money with Callmart with just Internet access. Whether you are at home, at work, or on your commute, you can tap into your limitless possibilities.


Freelancers: Make Job Listings

Working a flexible job with Callmart starts by creating a listing for your freelance services. In just minutes, your listing will be ready to go! After that, share it! Callmart gives you tons of options to share your listing everywhere.

The best way to sell your services effectively on Callmart's marketplace is to have a catchy title and clear description. When creating your listing, don't forget to get creative with the title and description!

Share your listings using the unique URL that Callmart generates for every listing created. Simply copy and paste the URL to whoever you want to send it to, whether that's an individual, a website, or social media!


Get Money Flexibly!

Receive your payment in your Callmart account immediately and automatically after your call.

Whenever you want your hard-earned money, just apply for a payout on the Callmart app. Your earnings will be transferred to your bank account.

Callmart has a 3% service fee to keep our services running. Stripe, the third-party transaction system, also takes small fee.

Start working flexibly now!

We hope this article was useful for you! Callmart matches freelancers with anyone through fee-charging communication. Now, are you ready to start finding flexible jobs with Callmart? Download it for free right now!

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