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The Method to get Freelance Jobs for Freelancers (with the help of an app)

As you are very well aware, life as a freelancer has its ups and downs. While you can choose your own hours for the most part, you're also constantly worrying about when or if you'll get your next project. We have a solution for you freelancing to these issues, and all it requires is your current knowledge and free time.

Callmart is a free, money-making app that that lets freelancers share their knowledge freelancing with people around the world to make money!

Any freelancer can use Callmart as a freelancer and getting started takes just a few minutes! Download the app now to begin.

  • Freelance Jobs
  • Freelancers

The Method to get Freelance Jobs for Freelancers (with the help of an app)


Want to learn what Callmart is like? Watch our short and simple video to see what you can expect from using the app!

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Step 1

Freelance, for anyone.

Freelancers can create a listing for pretty much anything on Callmart. For example, you can make new clients on Callmart by providing a service for anything you're well-versed in, or for charging your clients money to talk to you on the phone. It's entirely up to you to decide what you deem is useful, so be liberal and test out all your ideas - after all, Callmart listings are free to create.

There are three parts to your listing that you should pay special attention to; the title, description and the photo(s). These three parts should represent who you are without requiring people to spend a long time to figure out. A tip to achieve this is to use bullet points in your description, come up with an intriguing title and pick a high quality photo.

The fee per minute that you choose to charge for your listing should be proportional to the level of knowledge or service you have to offer. Of course, this can be hard to determine on your own, so Callmart makes it possible for you to go back to your listing at any point to make changes to your fee.

Step 2

Value for Freelancers

Freelancers can promote their listing almost instantly with Callmart's share URL feature. This gives you a URL specific to your listing that is shareable anywhere, such as social media sites and messaging platforms. This is a time-efficient way of spreading word about your listing without having to put much effort in!

Callmart is available in 6 languages for now - English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. It can handle transactions in 135 currencies in the world. With its built-in global marketplace, it truly makes it easy for you to share your knowledge with the whole wide world while learning new things about yourself and the rest of the world.

We make your extremely easy by eliminating all payment-related issues like late payments. Every call is automatically charged by the minute, meaning that you receive your money on the app immediately after you've ended a call with a buyer.

Step 3

The Optimal Freelance Job

The kind of freelance job you'll create for yourself on Callmart is special. Freelancers have a marketplace platform on which to connnect with individuals from all around the world and create value in the process. (Hint: if you prefer your listing to be private, simply edit your listing to do so instantly.)

Please note that to help keep making our products and service better, Callmart charges a small fee (3%) on all transactions. Please also note that there will be a separate fee that is charged by Stripe, Callmart’s third party payment processing service provider.

Even if you have free time only at odd hours or have a very irregular schedule, you can always set your listing to “Available” whenever you can to let the Callmart users know that you are ready to offer your services. Your office is when and where you find the time with Callmart because of its built-in global marketplace.

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Callmart is a global C2C marketplace app that connects freelancers with anyone through charged phone communications.

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