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Increase Your YouTube Earnings with This App: Monetization in 2019

You may think the only way to increase your earnings on YouTube is to make videos, but did you know you can earn money from the subscribers you already have without picking up a camera? Even with as few as 50 subscribers, you already hold an advantage on the Callmart app.
Where ad revenue is only concerned with your channel stats, Callmart cares about the power of your connection with subscribers. Wouldn't it be nice to tap into some earning potential that already exists?

What is Callmart?

Callmart is an app that uses charged communication, which means subscribers pay to talk to YouTubers, to earn money for sellers at a price the seller chooses and on a per-minute basis.

Callmart is seeking YouTubers just like you, regardless of channel size, to join the seller community on the app.
Simply share your free time with your subscribers by talking to them on Callmart and earn money from each phone call on a per-minute basis.
You may be thinking, but what do I have to talk about? As a YouTuber, you actually already have all the tools needed to be a top earner on Callmart. Learn more below!

1. Why YouTubers Will Benefit from This App

Callmart's unique benefit to YouTubers is that it can be used anywhere, anytime to earn money, and it takes mere minutes to get started.
It's available to buyers in over 150 countries, so your fans from all across the globe can get in touch with you, increasing your earning opportunities.
Your YouTube viewers will become your customer base in the app. That's because viewers want personal attention from the YouTubers they follow, and Callmart makes that possible.

Additionally, your video descriptions are the perfect advertising platform for your Callmart listings. We suggest pasting the links to your listings alongside your other social media links. Inform viewers about Callmart and emphasize that they'll get one-to-one time with you!
There are no additional hoops to jump through to start earning money. You just have to wait for your phone to ring!

2. Why You Don't Need AdSense to Earn a YouTube Income

Monetizing your channel with AdSense is a common method for earning money on YouTube, and we think it's a good goal to aim for. However, we also understand that a lot of work goes into building a YouTube channel, and the requirements for channel monetization are restrictive. If you aren't eligible for video ads, then Callmart is a fantastic alternative to start earning money while your channel grows.

The requirements to use Callmart as a seller are not restrictive at all. If you're in the U.S., you'll only need to provide the following details to get started*:

  • A valid address and phone number
  • The last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Bank account information

*This information is not retained by Callmart but is transferred to Stripe, a payment processing company.

There's no minimum subscriber count or watch time requirement to use Callmart—almost anyone with some amount of influence online can earn money with Callmart.

Click here for the Callmart registration tutorial.

3. How to Make Clickable Listings: It's All in the Details

A clickable listing on Callmart is the most important factor for earning money on the app.
You'll want to capitalize on your online influence by using your YouTube channel name and channel icon in your listings.
Also, spend some time considering what viewers will want to talk about.
Common phone call topics for YouTubers include:

  • Get-to-know-me chats, and
  • Q&A sessions.

Keep reading to see more specific ideas particular to different types of channels, like beauty and gaming YouTubers!

Follow these steps to get set up with Callmart and put yourself in the best position to earn money with the app:

Step 1: Download the app and register.

Step 2: Create your first listing—ideas include: "Chat about my beauty brand recommendations" or "Liquid lipstick suggestions from a beauty YouTuber" (use your channel name in listings to get more clicks!)

Step 3: Inform your viewers about Callmart and the chance to speak with you one-to-one on the app.

Step 4: Post your Callmart listing links in your video descriptions.

After you've gone through all the above steps, simply wait for the phone to start ringing and earn money minute-by-minute as you chat!

Click here to see the full tutorial for how to create a listing on Callmart.

4. Gaming Channels

If you're the owner of a gaming channel on YouTube, you will have an easier time earning money with Callmart.
We know how fun it is to watch a gamer laugh and rage at a video game, but there's an element of interaction that's missing when we watch videos.
Viewers want to get up close and personal with YouTubers now more than ever before, and this has created a new money-making opportunity for gamers.
Use Callmart to have personalized, one-to-one chats with viewers and earn money just by talking!


If you think you don't have much conversation to offer your viewers, then think again! Gamers on Callmart can make solid earnings so long as they carefully consider their viewer niche, meaning thinking from your viewers' perspective and what they most want to discuss.
Below we've listed some example listings gamers could use on Callmart. Please feel free to use our examples and customize them to suit your channel and audience!

  • Gaming chat: Tell me about your favorite games
  • Ask me anything: YouTuber edition
  • How to start a gaming channel: Tips from a YouTuber

5. Beauty Channels

Many of us struggle to make a simple eyeliner wing, but you are skillfully creating look after beautiful look on your beauty channel. Your knowledge about beauty and makeup would make a fantastic contribution to the Callmart seller community, but what's more, you can easily earn money because you already have an online audience that adores you.
Combine your beauty knowledge with your online influence and you'll be a powerhouse earner on Callmart. We'll explain exactly how this works below.


Beauty YouTubers have plenty of possible conversation topics to offer their viewers on Callmart. You may be wondering what you would talk about with callers, so remember what your selling power is:

You have expertise in cosmetics and makeup application, so you viewers can call you for advice.
You have a dedicated following online, so viewers will want to call you just for a chat and some personal attention.

See some listing title ideas below to draw inspiration from and get started creating your first Callmart listing today!

  • Makeup advice for special events — Let's create a complete look!
  • How to choose the right foundation and brand suggestions
  • Makeup for your skin tone: Consultation service

6. Business Channels

Providing tips and consultations is probably something you excel at as a business YouTuber. Your videos explain complex topics in clear, effective terms for your viewers.
This is a skill that will earn you money on the Callmart app.
Your viewers on YouTube will become your buyers on Callmart, and all you need to do is download the app and create some thoughtful listings that will entice your viewers to call and chat with you.
Below we've listed some tips for creating your first listings on the app.


Your selling power on the Callmart app mainly comes from the fact that your viewers want your personal attention since they respect and admire you as a YouTuber. Before Callmart, there was no platform for them to get in touch with you directly by phone, so make sure to emphasize that the app puts them in direct, one-to-one contact with you!
Keep these points in mind when making your listings.

Below we've made some example listings you can use as-is or customize them to suit your audience!

  • Let's talk business: Support chat for business owners
  • My startup secrets for entrepreneurs
  • 10-minute get-to-know-me chat: Personalized Q&A

7. Cooking Channels

As a cooking YouTuber, you have two fantastic attributes that translate smoothly to earning money on Callmart:
1. You have wide ranging knowledge about nutrition and cooking that is easy to share via chatting with viewers on the app.
2. You already have an online following that will jump at the chance to talk with you one-to-one.

You've been creating tasty recipes for your viewers, now it's time to get up close and personal and offer individual cooking tips, recipes, and conversation to loyal fans.
See below for some extra advice to help you create Callmart listings your viewers won't be able to resist!


Viewers will be delighted to get exclusive recipes from a YouTuber they watch on the regular. We suggest creating some recipes specifically for viewers who pay to talk with you on Callmart.
The phone calls will consist of you sharing the recipe along with your method of preparation and cooking tips. You'll earn money for each minute you spend talking, and your viewers will walk away with a precious recipe from one of their favorite YouTubers. Win-win!

8. Fitness Channels

Fitness YouTubers are hard-working, motivating individuals. They are loved and respected by viewers for their ability to inspire change and make hard work seem effortless.
All these attributes are well-suited to earning money on the Callmart app. You already have a base of viewers who eagerly watch your videos, and with Callmart, you can turn these viewers into buyers, earning money minute-by-minute just by talking!
Read below for some advice to help you get started successfully using the app.


To start earning money with Callmart, the most important part will be creating listings that are attractive to buyers. Use your YouTube star power to your advantage!
We recommend using your YouTube channel name and channel icon in each and every listing. Also, share your Callmart listing links in your YouTube video descriptions.
Lastly, it's recommended to make an announcement to viewers so they know you're available on Callmart, where they can chat with you personally.

9. Relationship Channels

Relationship and dating advice is a hugely popular genre on the Callmart app. What can we say? People aren't always lucky in love.
If you have a relationship advice YouTube channel, you are in line to be seriously successful in the Callmart community.
All you need to do is transform your YouTube viewers into Callmart buyers, and this can be accomplished in just a couple steps.
Read below to find out more!


To turn subscribers into buyers... After you've crafted some thoughtful listings on Callmart, simply share your listing links in your YouTube video descriptions alongside other social media links. Announce your Callmart account to your viewers and explain that this is their chance to talk with you personally about their relationship woes or triumphs.

Remember to make listings that are suited to your audience niche so that they can't resist calling. It also helps if you put your channel name in each listing. See some examples below!

  • Couples counseling: Long-distance relationships
  • Dating advice when you haven't been single for years
  • First date tips: Ask me anything!

10. Travel Channels

As a traveler, you have collected a lot of valuable information that buyers on Callmart will eagerly pay for.
Just like your viewers excitedly click on your new uploads, they will also be happy to call you for a chat if you make interesting listings.

You'll earn money simply by being yourself and having fun conversations with fans. Since the earnings add up on a per-minute basis, even very short phone calls are profitable!
Read below to find out our top-recommended tips for using the app as a travel YouTuber.


To make successful listings, it's important to consider your YouTube audience and the topics they'll want to chat about.
Remember to include your channel name in each title or description so you attract the fans of your YouTube channel. It's also recommended to use your YouTube channel icon in the listing pictures.
Below are some example listing ideas to get you off on the right foot!

  • Tips for packing for a trip abroad
  • Your first trip to Europe: Tips and tricks to save money
  • Best Instagram spots in Tokyo

11. Earning Money from YouTube Made Simple

Callmart wants to give all YouTubers the chance to earn money from their hard-earned online influence, regardless of views or channel size.

If your channel is still in the growing stage, then Callmart is a smart option to earn money as you gain subscribers.

Now is the best time to get started since Callmart is offering three months free-of-charge if you download today!

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